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Water Witching Theory

Audio introduction,      

Water witching is an expensive trial and error technique.

Some water-witchers will state that they were bad at first when starting out but are now much better.  This is a false statement. Note, there are numerous bad holes (water wells) out there selected by the dowser and or well driller.

Below is an illustration which shows the 4 magnetic points that a witcher is actually sensing.
NOTE: In grade school science class, we all held a magnet, placed a sheet of paper over the magnet and sprinkled iron fillings on the paper to see how the iron fillings followed the invisible magnetic lines of flux as seen in the illustration below, "Fracture A".

As in the illustration of "Fracture A" below.

  1. The magnet represents the ambient magnetic field of a rock volume in your subsurface.

  2. As the witcher walks toward Fracture A, he will sense a weak pull at the outer edge of the magnetic lines of flux at Point #1, approximately 15 to 20 feet from the stronger pull at Point #2.

  3. As the witcher continues to walk from point#1, he will sense another pull, but stronger at Points #2 and #3. The stronger pulls are "around 8 feet apart from each other,"  where the magnetic lines of flux are more concentrated emanating from the magnet itself, which is the rock volume.

  4. As the witcher continues to walk, he will sense another weak pull at Point #4, which is the other outer edge of the magnetic lines of flux that are approximately 15 to 20 feet from Point #3.

  5. Normally the witcher will first identify the stronger magnetic pulls at Points #2 & #3 which are around 8 feet apart.

  6. The witcher (dowser), will state to you that this is the water zone, width of zone, water area, or that you have 2 or 4 fractures headed in a certain direction, etc.

  7. This information is false. He is only identifying and mapping the magnetic fields of the rock volumes within the subsurface.

8) Wherever there is one witching spot on Earth or Mars, there is always a total of 4 witching spots.
Even on your property.
This is too much of a coincidence.

These four magnetic points at the surface of the earth are the spots that the witcher identifies, (the ambient magnetic fields of a rock volume, Not Water), and not knowing to which side the crystalline structure tilts as seen in Fracture B and in the photo below.


  • Excerpts from "Practical Geophysics Volume 2," for the Exploration Geologist," page 349, 2nd and last paragraph states:

  • 1) Rock units in the crust acquire a magnetization in the direction of the earth's field which is referred to as induced magnetization or magnetic polarization.

  • 2) The remnant component is permanent; that is, it remains with the rock if it is moved within, or removed from, the AMBIENT field. In effect, a rock with remnance acts like a bar magnet (having North and South poles as in figure "A" above), with a separate, independent field which has a strength and orientation of its own.

  • 3) The compass and the dowers rods (water witching sticks) were the first geophysical instruments used to measure magnetic fields.

  • This is the full excerpt;

Click Thumbnail, than hold down the Ctrl button and press "+" button.




  • 10)   Third grade water-witching lesson:

  • Take a bar magnet holding it vertical and a compass in your other hand aligning the compass needle to point towards the magnet.

  • Move the compass towards the magnet and the needle will move. This is Point #1 as above.

  • Now place the compass directly over the magnet moving it to the right and left.
    These two movement indications are Point #2 & #3 as above.

  • Now from the other outer-side of the magnet, again move the compass towards the magnet and the needle will respond. This is Point #4 above.

  • Now you can identify these 4 points on your property with 2 foot long coat-hangers.

  • Remember; most water witching wells are poor in production due to well drillers using or recommending witchers (dowsers), using 3rd. grade geology.
    Your taking a chance, expensive.

11) All matter appears to be electrical in nature and owes its existence to ions, which are held together with electrical attractions.

Compounds are combinations of elements, mostly through the joining of ions. As the temperature of the earth decreased, ions were attracted to each other while still in the molten state. This attraction bonded the ions into definite, orderly patterns while cooling. This cooling produced the birth of a mineral, the solid state, called the "crystalline structure."

Every mineral formed has its crystal characteristic which is seen as energy at rest. Energy has both electrostatic and electromagnetic identity. This electromagnetic identity, due to the orderly patterns of ions, also appears around large sections of rock (crystalline structure), which is the ambient electromagnetic energy that is sensed with metal rods held by water witchers, believed  to be water or a fracture.

Water witching targets can be seen in Computer Generated Profiling, see Testimonials #1, < click me, the red arrow is the witching spot in the white hard rock area.

Fractures actually tilt into the earth generally from 45 up to 75 degrees.

NOTE: Along a roadway where a bulldozer cut away earth for the road. You may see a section of strata which has a general tilt up to 75 degrees.
Strata always tilts. You never see it vertical. See picture to the right.

The general tilt of rock outcroppings from stratified earth and the bottom of valleys also tilt into the subsurface 45 to 75 degrees.

Fracture B in above animated illustration shows a fracture with a tilt and its associated magnetic field that is also on a tilt.
As the witcher walks across Fracture B, he senses once again the 4 magnetic points of the crystalline structure at the surface,,, not at depth.

Since fractures tilt with their associated rock volumes, the water witcher identifies the magnetic fields of the rock volume only at the surface of the earth, not the bottom tilt of the fracture, Not Water and the better drilling target is always missed up to hundreds of feet. 
Read "Testimonials" carefully < Click me. # 1, #4, #7, #24, #26 etc.

This is the reason why all water witchers have targeted numerous water wells across the country that are very low producers. 


  From the bottom of valleys the general tilt of the strata's fractures are also 45 to 75 degrees into the earth away from the valley's low point.
That is why drilling within valleys does not produce sufficient water a good percentage of the time.
In this photo the landowner drilled over 10 non-productive wells 1000 feet deep within the valleys using visual site selection (Geology), and water witching.
Computer surveys showed the tilt of the valley subsurface to be towards the front of the photo beneath the well casing.
At the casing they drilled and received 50 gallons per minute.
This well is around 300 feet from the bottom of the valley where water flows after a rain.
The tilt of the strata interpreted from the profiles extends away from the valley to the front of the photo beneath the well casing.

Blue arrow in picture is the power pole for the old 2 GPM water witched wells.

Water witchers (dowsers), want to locate a target near a geological feature, such as a rock, rock  outcroppings, split or fractured rock, valley, or tree thinking it is fractured vertical in depth.
Photo above shows a general fracture tilt of 45 to 75 degrees into the subsurface.

The greater the tilt of the fracture (as in strata, color picture above or the black & white illustration above in "Fracture B"), the less successful you are in drilling on a water witcher target and the deeper you will need to drill in the hope of salvaging that hole.

Computer Profiles generate more coherent geological data than can be
obtained by visualizing surface contours or by the use of other outdated methods.

With this information, you eliminate misleading advice based
on inaccurate or inappropriate surface studies.

You then can make better informed drilling decisions and you
will be able to pinpoint your drilling targets more precisely.

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